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Swine Flu Vaccination - A Warning

     Readers of this website will be familiar with my concerns about viral vaccines causing acquired autoimmunity.  This concern started in 1980 when I noticed that multiple sclerosis seemed to occur after swine flu vaccination was administered in 1976 (1).  What I think happened I have discussed on this website and in a peer reviewed article (2).  Accordingly, due to the renewed interest in a swine flu vaccine I want to share my concerns once again with my colleagues and interested individuals.  In this frame of reference based on my studies of viral vaccines I wish to make the following suggestions:

  1. A vaccine against the swine flu virus (or any other virus for that matter) should not be accepted for use if it contains polypeptides that exhibit molecular mimicry with human tissue (2).
  2. A vaccine against the swine flu virus (or any other virus for that matter) should not be accepted if it has complementarities with any virus or bacteria whose polypeptides exhibit molecular mimicry with human tissue (2). 
  3. If industry or the government persists in pushing a new Swine Flu vaccine t cells of vaccine recipients should be tested for activity against myelin and other human tissue extracts.  In addition animal studies should be negative when the vaccine and chemical complimentary viruses in an immunologic adjuvant are given to mice genetically susceptible to experimental allergic Encephalomyelitis (EAE) (2).


Details in all of these regards are available in Reference 2.


1.Waisbren BA Swine Flu Vaccine. Ann. Internal Medicine 1982 vol. 97. 149

2.Waisbren BA Acquired Autoimmunity After Viral Vaccination in Caused by Molecular Mimicry and Antigen Complimentarity in the Presence of an Immunologic Adjuvant and Specific HLA Patterns. Medical Hypothesis 2007. Vol 04. 43.


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