Dr. Burton Waisbren’s long-awaited book has now been published and is available for purchase.

Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease By Burton A. Waisbren Sr., MD, FACP, FIDSA This highly-anticipated book documents the experiences and opinions of Dr. Burton Waisbren, a world-renowned, pioneering doctor in the management of chronic Lyme disease. It also contains eleven opinionated essays about this challenging and fascinating disease.

THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC LYME DISEASE will be of special interest to those physicians who treat Lyme disease and to patients who may suffer from this disease.

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This comprehensive book presents case reports regarding 51 cases of chronic Lyme disease that he has treated in the past 3 year period as well as 12 essays about the disease. The full table of contents follows:




Observations That Surfaced in the Author’s Study of Chronic Lyme Disease since 1989

Definition of Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome

Part 1: Fifty-One Consecutive Case Reports of Patients Seen between 2007 and 2011 by Dr. Waisbren

Part 2: Essays Regarding Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome

Essay 1: A War against Ticks as a Means to Prevent Lyme Disease

Essay 2: Problems Inherent in the Development of a Lyme Vaccine and the Wide Implication of These Problems

Essay 3: Testimony regarding Viral Vaccines and Their Dangers, Given by Dr. Burton Waisbren before Congress in 1999

Essay 4: The “Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome,” Chronic Lyme Disease, and the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA)

Essay 5: Microorganisms Involved in Chronic Lyme Disease and Their Antimicrobial Sensitivities

Essay 6: A Suggestion That It Might Be Worthwhile to Add Gamma Globulin to Treatment Protocols for Chronic Lyme Disease

Essay 7: The Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis with Anti-Lyme Antibiotics

Essay 8: A Consideration of the Laboratory Diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease—Comments about the Western Blot Method

Essay 9: Experimental Studies “Begging” to be Done regarding Lyme Disease

Essay 10: Two Protocols to Be Considered for the Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome

Essay 11: Further Consideration of Demyelination (Multiple Sclerosis) and the Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome

Part 3: Additional References upon Which Many of the Observations and Suggestions in This Book Are Based

There are multiple ways you may buy this book:

1. Order the book from Amazon.com.

2. Buy directly from the publisher.

3. If you wish, you can also buy the book when you come in to the office or you can call the office at (414) 771-5900. The office will arrange for payment by either credit card or check. The book is available for purchase for $24.95 plus shipping and handling of $5.00 for a total of $29.95. If you choose to order from my office, we are pleased to be sending you a SIGNED copy.

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