Response to query about Lou Gehrig getting Lou Gehrig’s disease from electrical exposure from Diathermy.

As discussed in detail in this website it seems reasonable to hypothesize that electrical exposure can cause ALS.  A response to the above query from Sam Milham (, retired officer of public health service, agrees that it is indeed what happened to Lou Gehrig.  Also, it seems reasonable to think Bob Waters, former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, got his ALS from training room electrical exposure.

Milham who is one of the country’s experts on electromagnetic exposure stated, “I am certain that Lou Gehrig got ALS from short wave diathermy treatment.  The Yankees trainer was a chiropractor who liked diathermy.”

He supplied the following references:

Joe DiMaggio: The Hero’s Life, By Richard Ben Cramer 2000.  Simon and Schuster. P 85.

Rehm, W. “Doc” Painter and the Mighty New York Yankees – Ruth, DiMaggio and Gehrig were his patients.  ChiroHist 1999 (1) p 1-10.

“I am writing a paper on ALS and am including your interview with Bob Waters of the SF 49ers who you determined had a lot of diathermy exposure.  I referenced your website.  I think that anything which induces exogenous electrical currents in people can cause ALS.  I am really concerned about electroconvulsive shock therapy and the fact that a lot of surgery is done with RF Electrodes instead of scalpels (I am sure we are all interested in whether the new body scanners will also emit electromagnetic frequencies).”

In view of the above does it not seem reasonable for the large number of athletes in this country that a study be done in their training rooms regarding the doses of electromagnetic exposure they are getting or have gotten in their training facility.  Individuals who want to check these exposures in a rough way can start by using a relatively inexpensive trifield broadband meter available from National Energy Works in Ashland, Oregon.  Or they may want to get expert help in this endeavor.  The above might be especially interesting to them if there is a history of ALS in their family (see discussion about genetic aspects of ALS on this website



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