Dr. Burton Waisbren Sr., M.D. 1922-2013

This site remains in loving memory of Dr. Burton Waisbren so his ideas can continue to be shared.

About the Waisbren Clinic

The Waisbren Clinic was established in Milwaukee in 1951. Here empathetic, traditional and investigative internal medicine has been practiced ever since. The need for our investigative studies surfaced among our patients and those seen in our teaching activities at Marquette Medical School and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The guiding principles of this clinic are: We first listen carefully to the patient on a one to one basis in the privacy of the physician's office; we then ask them how they think we can help them; and we point out to patients who have been told there is nothing to do that there is always something to do and that we will search for it.

We have described the practice of the Waisbren Clinic as that of "investigative internal medicine". We base this on the premise that difficult and unusual cases may represent "experiments of nature". The intense study of these often reveals information of general interest.

In this vein, we have been able to discover and report some important findings. They include:

  1. Gram negative shock
  2. Deafness due to aminoglycosides
  3. Platelet destruction due to ristocetin
  4. Potentiation of antibiotics by gamma globulin
  5. The utility of multiple antibiotics in severe burns
  6. Human lymphocyte-tumor cell interaction (see picture)
  7. The probable efficacy of combined immunotherapy in cancer.
  8. Some people with ALS have elevated Lyme disease antibody titers.
  9. Swine flu vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine were associated with autoimmune complications.

Currently, the clinic focuses on both the practice of internal medicine and the diagnosis and treatment of problem diseases.

Further information regarding the above subjects can be found in our publications, which are available if you email waisbrenclinic@ameritech.net.

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Dr. Burton Waisbren

1922 -2013

This site remains active in memory of Dr. Burton Waisbren so his innovative ideas can live on.

His son continues to practice Internal Medicine at the Waisbren Clinic.

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